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After working with Avo Mavilian previously on his primary company’s brand and website, Mavilian Financial Group, he reached out with a new project in mind for his podcast Middle Market Dojo with co-host and friend Jack Najarian. In order to take their podcast to the next level, they needed a sharp brand that spoke to their unique financial and legal expertise with a website to house their catalog of episodes.



From the get-go, Avo and Jack wanted a brand that looked professional yet approachable, balancing their business expertise with their likable personalities and conversational style of podcast. Through the 3 brand options presented, there were varying degrees of casualness and professionalism to choose from that all harkened back to the idea of a “business dojo.”

Avo and Jack ultimately chose the most professional and clean of the logo options to represent their brand in Podcast Cover Art, Logo, and Icon.

A color scheme was chosen that was reminiscent of the wood of a dojo or nice office and professional blue tones that you’d find on a nice suit. This complimentary color palette really set the appropriate tone for the brand moving forward.


After presenting an initial Illustrator mockup of the homepage, Avo and Jack approved the design without changes, and the actual website build began.

An episode archive page was then added to the website with a design for individual episodes as well.

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