In collaboration with Radiant Digital since 2017, we have created a variety of digital assets for Chevron Corporation’s training material and presentations. Across our many projects together, we designed presentation slide layouts, interactive elements, infographics, charts, and motion media pieces.




Training Module | 2017

The “Geodesy” training module covered the topic of geodetic engineering, and Chevron needed both corporate and creative design ideas to choose from. A variety of concepts were put together and from those, two creative pitches were selected: a “Tech Theme” and a “Park Map Theme.”

Tech Theme Proposal

Inspired by the technology that fuels Geodesy research, the “Tech Theme” would show a revolving glob with alternating pinpoints to prime locations.

Park Map Theme Proposal

The Park Map Theme was inspired by the exploration aspect of Geodesy. This mockup was hand-drawn and hand-lettered to emphasis the old world map look.

Corporate Theme Proposal

These corporate layouts were created using the Chevron Branding Guidelines with the addition of a progress bar at the bottom. The final layouts included variations of different core colors of the Chevron Branding scheme.

Later on in the development phase, a module map and course topics page was created with custom buttons and graphics for navigating through the training module.

Each button color corresponds with the color of theme the pages would show.

ISD Awareness

Training Module & Title Animation | 2018

The ISD Awareness training focused on educating learners on internal/extrenal standards and maintaining safe operations. The proposal consisted of a corporate comp based on Chevron’s corporate branding, a second corporate proposal based on suggestions by Radiant Digital’s programer, and a creative comp.

Standard Chevron Corporate Theme

Alternative Corporate Theme

Blueprint Theme Proposal

This sketchy, blueprint design was inspired by the planning process of engineering the Chevron facilities. In order to create the digital illustrations for the bluepritns, reference photographs were provided by Chevron of their piping and valves.

Chevron chose the creative proposal was chosen, and an opening animation for the title sequence was requested. The digital illustrations were vectorized and used in After Effects to create an engaging, “drawn-to-life” effect.

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AIM Training

Training Module | 2017

AIM (Asset Integrity Management) was a training module that covered basic regulations and safety procedures. A corporate theme using Chevron branding was required and a single additional creative theme was requested.

Standard Chevron Corporate Theme

Creative Theme

The concept for this theme was to stress the infrastructure that employees have to work with each day, so pipes and valves were central to convey that imagery. All of the pipes and valves were created in Adobe Illustrator using native 3D tools and textures were applied to create that brushed metal look.

IPSC Animations

Motion Graphics | 2018

For Chevron’s IPSC (Instrumented Protective Systems Code) training, several animations were requested to explain different valve flow functions in addition to a larger infographic animation. All animations were based on diagrams and graphics provided by Chevron.

Flow Animations

Facility Animation

Business Conduct Training

Video Storyboarding | 2021

For this project, Radiant Digital requested two distinct, attractive, and simple styles of animation for the Chevron team to use as a reference for an animated training sequence. We wanted to push the stylization for this project further than normal so we could present something new and exciting to the Chevron team (as opposed to Chevron’s standard corporate video style).

Wire Theme

Paper Theme

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